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Using Past Exams Papers To Help You Pass Every Exam: It’s A Mind Game

Using past exam papers to help you get that passing grade is nothing new. People have been doing it for centuries. The difference is that now these papers are easily available on the Internet. Still, even with access to this information, some people still have trouble passing a test.

Exams are a part of life that everyone has to deal with. From the day you enter pre-school throughout the rest of your life you will continually be tested. Tested by teachers, professors and eventually, employers. You’ll even have to pass an exam to get a driver’s license and various operators’ licenses for work permits. So it’s important that you learn how to pass exams. Continue Reading »


Past Papers Offer

I’ve so far received some great feedback from students who found the past papers on this website useful in preparing for their exams! I will carry on adding new exam papers but I haven’t been getting so many new ones recently which is why there aren’t many from 2008 - 2009.

If you have benefited from the past papers on this site, and if you have other papers, please send them to me at, and I will add your papers here - so other people can benefit from them as well!


More A2 Past Papers

I have fully uploaded all the A2 Biology Mammalian Physiology & Behaviour past papers which you can now download. The site update has been going slow as I’ve been busy with a multitude of other things over the past few days — I understand exam time is coming soon in May/ June for most of you so I will do my best to add all the past papers I have at least one month in advance so by April.

I have now also added all the Unifying Concepts Biology Papers that means the A2 biology papers collection is complete. I’ve only added the past papers from the modules I took myself as they are the only ones I have. If I get enough requests, I will add the other optional ones as well. So far, these are A2 Biology past papers I have:


Past Papers Problem Fixed

There was a small or arguably quite large problems with the past papers, the chemistry and biology ones that I’ve uploaded. The papers were there on the server, but for some reason on some of them, wordpress decided to add “wp-admin” in the URL and this of course led to the link leading to the wrong URL. I’ve fixed this and it works now, really sorry for all the inconvenience and thanks to everyone who has commented to let me know about the problem :) !

The other problem was that the AS How Far How Fast Chemistry question papers were confused with the Chains & Rings. The mark schemes for these pointed to the correct mark schemes for the how far how fast, but the question paper download link pointed to Chains & Rings. This is again fixed!

I have scanned the AS physics A OCR past papers and mark schemes from January 02 up to June 07 and I hope to upload them as soon as possible. I’ve got lots of other work to do but I’ll make some spare time. I know exams are coming up so it’s a matter of urgency.

Regarding the Physics B OCR past papers, I haven’t uploaded any of these yet.

Thanks, and again sorry for the inconvenience caused!


Biology AS Papers Added

I have added all the biology OCR AS Papers to our database - the modules these contain are

Most of them are full, from 2001 Jan to 2007 Jun however, some are missing the 2003 and 2005 mark schemes because I couldn’t find them, must have lost them in the past. I will however add these as soon as I get them! The 2008 question past papers and mark schemes are also missing because I haven’t received them yet.


AS Chemistry Past Papers Updated

The AS Chemistry Past Papers page has been fully updated with the three modules:

Most modules have all past papers together with the mark schemes from January 2001 to June 2007! However, some (two of them I think) are missing the June 05 mark schemes and the June 07 mark schemes.

I will add the rest of A2 chemistry past papers tomorrow hopefully!


Past Papers Website Operational !!

Hey folks,

I know a lot of you have already reached the website to search for past papers. The bad news is that it’s still under construction (the website is fully operational and we keep adding new content every day!). It was only launched last week and didn’t expect such a large influx, but don’t worry I will be adding many more papers this and next week!

Thanks for understanding!


A Level Papers

The final section and category of past papers we cover on the website is the A Level Papers ! If you are after GCSE papers or AS Papers, you can check the appropriate section.

To navigate to all the A Level papers we offer, currently the OCR and Edexcel past papers please use the tree menu on the right sidebar of this page. The subjects and areas we currently cover are:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Computing
  • ICT
  • Busines Studies

To get to the A Level papers for the subject you are after, please follow the links to the subject for your A level papers.

Continue Reading »


GCSE Papers

The best way to practice for your GCSE exams and get the grades you are after, A*s hopefully, is to practice as many past papers questions as you can. On this website, we offer you a wide range of GCSE papers you can use to practice the type of questions in the real GCSE exam.

Practicing lots and lots of questions from GCSE papers is the best way of doing revision not only because you get used to the exam board’s way of asking the questions but it also takes you through the whole syllabus in the subject.

Achieving a high grade in the GCSE exam is important for the future University offers especially if you are going to apply for a competitive subject. The GCSE papers section of this website helps you gain the marks and grades you want and hopefully apply and get a place at the university you aim for.

The GCSE papers on this website are split into the main subjects for GCSE:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • History

So far, those are the only GCSE papers we have available for download. If you have any other, then please let us know so we can upload them for others to benefit and we’ll give you full credit for the donation of GCSE papers!


AS Papers

The AS Papers category contains all the latest and oldest AS Papers from past exams, mainly OCR past papers. This database website specializes in the three main types of exams:

  • GCSE Past Papers
  • AS Papers
  • A Level Papers

As far as we know, we have the most complete online database for AS Papers and other past papers exams. To access the AS papers and AS past papers use the tree menu on the right hand-side of the page, in the right column. You will then be able to run through all the categories of past papers exam papers.

We always try to get the latest AS papers, but if you have copies of some that you can’t find on the site, we appreciate any help! Please contact us and we’ll make sure we give you full credit for the past papers uploaded by you.

Practicing AS papers is the best revision method because it gets you used to the style of questions, as well as covering the whole range of syllabus that you will be tested on in the real exam. Afterall, the past papers were real exam AS papers in the past so they will definitely help you; in my opinion, they are even the best way of doing revision.


GCSE Past Exam Papers

The best way to practice for your GCSE exams is by going through a high number of GCSE past papers! In the past it used to be hard to find what you were looking for and more recently the big exam boards such as AQA, Edexcel and OCR have released GCSE past papers amongst others downloadable from their website.

However, there seems to be a high number of problems with the GCSE past exam papers available. Firstly, the OCR website does not inlcude any of the diagrams that may be copyrighted. Therefore, in question where it asks you to match the letters to the four named chambers of the hearts without having a diagram to see the letters does get impossible to solve.

Furthermore, not all the exam board websites provide full GCSE past papers from 2002 to 2008 together with the mark schemes for each individual module. Here, at Past Papers Online we offer you full GCSE past papers for personal, non-profit making use. Continue Reading »

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