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The final section and category of past papers we cover on the website is the A Level Papers ! If you are after GCSE papers or AS Papers, you can check the appropriate section.

To navigate to all the A Level papers we offer, currently the OCR and Edexcel past papers please use the tree menu on the right sidebar of this page. The subjects and areas we currently cover are:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Computing
  • ICT
  • Busines Studies

To get to the A Level papers for the subject you are after, please follow the links to the subject for your A level papers.

It is always important to do as many A level papers exams questions as possible as this will get your brain accustomized to the type of questions they are likely to ask. It has therefore been proven that if you are used to someone formulating a question one way then your brain will autonomically think of the answer without too much effort.

Take another example; while in the the mathematics lesson, doing A level papers you will be able to differentiate a certain curve almost instantly, taking into account it’s just the simple first order differentiation. However, if someone would ask you to differentiate the same curve while in a supermarket, you will have to think more about it - that is because your brain is not prepared for the question!

Therefore, A level papers constitute a large part of your A level exam revision!

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    better to give past paper at front then to give a lecture all this writing is waste…….

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