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Biology AS Papers

OCR Biology AS Papers

18 Responses to “Biology AS Papers”

  1. 2
    sindy Says:

    why doesnt the AS biology ocr transport and human health and disease work?
    and why doesnt the chemistry AS ocr chains and rings work ? and why on the how far how fast chains and rings papers are coming up ? so theres no ocr AS transport. human health and disease and no chemistry ocr AS how far how fast???

  2. 3
    m.ilyas Says:

    plaese send to me the past papers of IGCSE biology and chemistry. if possible also send the answer keys. thanx.

  3. 4
    Mark Morris Says:

    hey guys thanks a lot , where can i find the multiple choice papers

  4. 5
    cst Says:

    Does anyone know which paper contains the enzymes stuff for Biology ? I looked therough every A-level paper in OCR Biology and couldnt find anything :(
    Thank you.

  5. 6
    mikeala Says:

    hello, i need past paper for environmental land based science
    asap please as in gcse and have exam this month but my teacher
    has not taught us all and i need practiuce please help asap

  6. 7
    catherine payne Says:

    This site is a wonder - it truly is. I, being a teacher, find this website to be a gift from heaven to pupils. They can have easy access to past papers, and the layout is just amazing!!

    I recommend this website to all!

  7. 8
    faz Says:

    the ocr as biology past papers are goood and have been really helpful but the mark schemes dont load up properly.

  8. 9
    Holly Says:

    Please could i have the mark scheme for as biology june 2007 paper? It just seems to come up with the exam questions for both links. Thanks though, these have been really useful for me. Holly, x

  9. 10
    Neighbz Says:

    If the papers do not work then right click the link and choose the option to open the paper in a new window.
    Works perfectly for me.

  10. 11
    Radheka Says:

    Thankyou, very useful!
    Are there any question papers for the f211 ocr AS module? that is, cells, exchange and transport

  11. 12
    MAIMOONA Says:

    needs topic vise papers of all the branches of science.
    bioscience, physical, chemistry

  12. 13
    Nathan Says:

    This is good for revision

  13. 14
    siri pom Says:

    where the hell can i get the mark scheme for biology

  14. 15
    Sarah Says:

    I need ET equivalency testing biology paper pls

  15. 16
    Jill Says:

    Hi, like Sarah above I am wondering if you have any ET equivalency testing biology papers? The more recent the better :)

  16. 17
    Gajiii Says:

    siri pom Says:

    where the hell can i get the mark scheme for biology

  17. 18
    Rayan Says:

    hello, where can i find Biology As question paper for OCR May 2014 ?

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