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I have created three tables, as outlined in the requirements:

· Examiner (to store the examiner’s details)

· Centre (to store all centre details)

· Subject (to store details about the subjects).

For each of these, certain validation as required in order to minimize the possibility of input error.

For the examiner table, I have inserted 5 fields. These are shown in the screenshot to the right. I have assigned each of these fields a specific data type so only values corresponding to the data type set can be entered. This is aimed to reduce the number of errors on input. For example, one could type the examiner’s name in the “Examiner Number” field. However, if the data type is set only to number, then only numbers can be entered. These are all the fields that will be attributed to the examiner table.

I have also added various validation checks to these fields. This is trying to ensure that the data is complete and reasonable.

In the screenshot to the left, the field properties for the field “Subject Reference Code” are shown. One of the validations for this field is that it must be 5 digits and unique. In order to accomplish this, I wrote the expression (Like “?????”) which will ensure that the value entered contains 5 characters. Together with the data type “Number”, this also means that only numbers can be entered. In conclusion, the field must contain 5 unique digits as indicated in the specification.

For the “Examiner Number” field, I have used a similar validation, but this time I entered 6 “?” signifying that it must be 6 digits. The Examiner Number also had to be unique for each examiner. To accomplish this, I changed the indexing property of the field, so it doesn’t accept any duplicate values.

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