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1. 0610_y11_sw_1.pdf
Unit 1: Cells and cell processes - XtremePapers

2. cells_questions.pdf GCSE BIOLOGY CELLS Low Demand Questions QUESTIONSHEET 1 The diagrams show some organs in the human body. (a) Name the organs labelled A, B, C, D ...

IDEAS YOU HAVE MET BEFORE: ... Plant and animal cells Almost all organisms are made up of cells. Plant and animal cells have a basic structure. This type of cell ...

4. Plant_cell_GCSE_Teacher.pdf
Label a Plant Cell (Up to 16yrs old / GCSE) Label a Plant Cell (Up to 16yrs old / GCSE) Cell Membrane A very thin layer found in the structure of cells in plants inside the cell wall Mitochondrion

5. REBRANDED-Biology-G-AQA-AnimalPlantCells summary table.pdf
Animal Plant Cells Content for Biology GCSE AQA

6. 322626-scaling-up-transition-guide.pdf

7. Science_GCSE_Cell_structure_and_transport_18_04_17.pdf

8. GCSEBitesizeCompleteRevisoonandPracticeAddition...epages.pdf
Plant cells have the same parts as animal cells, but they also have a cell wall. This gives the cell its shape and strengthens the cell. key fact Plant cells also may ...

9. download.asp?file=265&type=pdf
AQA GCSE Biology - Farringtons School

10. 0610_y14_sq_181114.pdf

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