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Science A / Chemistry GCSE Science A / Chemistry CH1HP . Mark scheme . 4405 / 4402 . June 2016. Version 1.0: Final Mark Scheme

2. Revision Notes - Unit 1 AQA Chemistry A-level.pdf
AQA AS level Unit 1 Chemistry notes by Luna Hu AQA AS level Unit 1 Chemistry notes by Luna Hu . Atomic structure . Particle Mass (kg) Relative mass Charge (c) Relative charge Proton 1.67x10-27 1 1.6x10-19 +1

G/KL/Jun16/E4 CH1HP (Jun16CH1HP01) GCSE SCIENCE A CHEMISTRY Higher Tier Unit Chemistry C1 Thursday 19 May 2016 Morning Time allowed: 1 hour Materials

4. c1-june-2011-ms.pdf

5. June 2015 QP - Unit 1 AQA Chemistry A-level.pdf
Unit 1 Foundation Chemistry - Physics & Maths Tutor Unit 1 Foundation Chemistry Friday 22 May 2015 9.00 am to 10.15 am For this paper you must have: the Periodic Table/Data Sheet, provided as an insert (enclosed) a ...

6. AQA Chemistry Teacher Pack sample.pdf
AQA GCSE (9-1) Chemistry - Collins

7. Jan 2012 Unit 1 Higher Chemistry GCSE Mark Scheme.PDF

8. 1-1-revision-guide-atom1.pdf
1.1 Atomic Structure - Resources for A-level Chemistry

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