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1. art-gcse-information-booklet-2017.pdf
GCSE Art and Design. Analysing your own work As well as using sketches, paintings and drawings etc. you can evidence your ideas through notes. Alongside your artwork ...

2. AQA_GCSE_Art_and_Design_Theme_2014.pdf
AQA GCSE Art and Design Themes 2014 ... They will develop their ideas, refine them though testing, reflect and record their work in writing and practical outcomes and ...

3. iGCSEteachersupport1.pdf
IGCSE Art & Design


5. coursework_checklist.pdf

6. SoW key stage 4 version compressed.pdf
FINE ART GCSE AQA one YEAR COURSE FINE ART GCSE AQA one YEAR COURSE GCSE Fine Art is designed to build on the skills and knowledge you have gained at Key Stage 3. COURSE STRUCTURE:

7. AQA-8201-SOW.PDF
Scheme of work: Art, craft and design This resource provides you with a scheme of work for a two year course of study in Art, craft and design, leading to our GCSE ...

8. Art-GCSE-Resources.pdf

9. AQA-8201-SQP.PDF

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