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1. AgarCellDiffusion.pdf
Agar Cell Diffusion Use cubes of agar to investigate how cell size impacts diffusion. All biological cells require the transport of materials across the plasma ...

2. sg_bio_ic_investigating_cells_diffusion_and_osmosis.pdf
Cells and Diffusion - Miss Hanson's Biology Resources

3. DiffusionRevision.pdf
Diffusion, Osmosis, Active Transport - BiologyMad Diffusion, Osmosis, Active Transport There are two ways in which substances can enter or leave a cell: 1) Passive a) Simple Diffusion b) Facilitated Diffusion

4. osmosis___diffusion_lab_ppt.pdf
Osmosis & Diffusion Lab -

5. primer.pdf

6. transport_in_cells_b1y_vm2.pdf

7. Lab 4.pdf
Lab 3: Osmosis and Diffusion - MSU Billings plant cells (cells of potato tubers), and infer the proportion of the cytoplasm that is water, and the proportion that is solute. ... Lab 3: Osmosis and Diffusion ...

8. 7-scott.pdf
Diffusion Across a Sheep Red Blood Cell Membrane Diffusion Across a Sheep Red Blood Cell Membrane Linda A. Scott Department of Biology Hartwick College Oneonta, New York 13820 (607) 431-4749 Linda Scott is an ...

9. diff filt osmosis.pdf
FILTRATION, DIFFUSION, AND OSMOSIS FILTRATION, DIFFUSION, AND OSMOSIS INTRODUCTION The processes of diffusion, osmosis, and filtration are responsible for the movement of materials into and out of body ...

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