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1. GCSE-equivalence-and-AHE.pdf
does not specify, however, what ITT providers should accept as providing 'a standard equivalent to' GCSE grade C: this is decided by individual ITT providers as an

2. GCSEandequivalentqualifications.pdf
GCSE and equivalent qualifications for English Language, Maths and Science The following list outlines the GCSE entry requirements and lists the qualifications that ...

3. New-GCSE-Grade-MethodologyFEB2016.pdf

4. Teaching-GCSE-equivalents.pdf
GCSE Equivalent Qualifications for ITT courses Updated 27/01/2017 Nottingham Trent University GCSE Equivalent Qualifications for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) The requirements differ between Early Years and ...

5. SFR57_2017.pdf
Provisional GCSE and equivalent results in England, 2016 to 2017 SFR 57/2017, 12 October 2017 Headline measures and information about new reformed GCSEs in 2017

6. sdp-gcse-equivalencies.pdf
2017-18 GCSE Equivalents - University of Nottingham School Direct Primary PGCE Programme 2017-18 GCSE Equivalents 1 The following UK qualifications are accepted by the School Direct Primary PGCE programme as

7. download?token=SaZpm7EN
equivalent. A GCSE Statistics Grade B is not an acceptable equivalent qualification. Candidates who are not able to supply evidence of equivalent qualifications ...

8. 2015-06-16-postcard-new-gcse-grading-structure.pdf
NEW GCSE GRADING STRUCTURE CURRENT GCSE GRADING STRUCTURE 9 8 7 6 5 3 2 1 U 4 U G F E D C B A A* New GCSE Grading Structure 4 and above = bottom of C and above AWARDING

9. file
UK Qualification Comparison Chart

10. SFR48_2016.pdf
Provisional GCSE and equivalent results in England, 2015 to 2016 SFR48/2016, 13 October 2016 New headline measures in 2016 A new secondary school accountability ...

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