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1. An-Inspector-Calls-Revision-Guides.pdf
An Inspector Calls: Revision notes These notes are to help kick-start your revision of the play for the GCSE English Literature examination. Good Luck

2. GCSE-English-Literature-Revision-Pack.pdf
Unit 1 - Exploring Modern Texts (40%) Section A (20%): - AN INSPECTOR CALLS Skills targeted: AO1 Respond to texts critically and imaginatively; select and evaluate ...

3. An-Inspector-Calls-Revision-Guide.pdf
2 AN INSPECTOR CALLS TIMELINE YEAR AND MONTH WHAT HAPPENS PERSON INVOLVED September 1910 Eva sacked by Birling & Co. MR BIRLING December 1910 Eva employed by ...

4. 258657-an-inspector-calls-candidate-style-answers.pdf

5. English Literature 'Modern Texts' An-...n-pack.pdf

STUDENT BOOK An Inspector Calls Brighter Thinking An Inspector Calls GCSE English Literature for AQA Student Book Jon Seal 9781107454552 JON SEAL AND PETER THOMAS - GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE FOR AQA ...

7. english-literature-ket0-and-4et0-paper-1-exp-an...-calls.pdf
An Inspector Calls, J. B. Priestley - An Inspector Calls, J. B. Priestley Edexcel Certificate KET0/01 Edexcel International GCSE 4ET0/01 English Literature Paper 1: Drama and Prose

8. download.asp?file=376&type=pdf
By - Uxbridge High School The setting of An Inspector Calls is important in a number of ways. J B Priestley sets the play in the fictional industrial city of Brumley. Brumley is probably ...

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