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1. year5multtext.pdf
Year Five - Collaborative Learning Project Homepage

2. literacy3and4.pdf

3. SIL_English_Plans_year_4_ sample.pdf
English Plans - School Improvement Liverpool Introduction The Liverpool English team have developed a medium term planning document to support effective implementation of the National Curriculum.

4. World_Writing_India.pdf
Prose 1: Grandpa Chatterji by Jamila Gavin setting description AF2,AF5, AF7 Prose 2: The Birth of Krishna by Madhur Jaffrey to look at the ways that descriptive ...

5. booklistpp10-11.pdf
Theme 1: New beginnings - Medway Council Online

6. Y4-Autumn-Term-Plan-2017-2018.pdf
Termly Planning Grid Term: Autumn Year

7. download.asp?file=536&type=pdf

8. English Curriculum 2015 .pdf
Year 3 Objectives - St. Leonards RC Primary School - The Planning Process - The writing sequence -Guided Writing -Year Group Overview- Literacy Text types -Book Lists, including poetry, picture books, ...

9. 4-11 Sample.pdf
Summer 2012 - A Leading UK University

10. Year 4 Literacy Overview.pdf
CHURCHEND PRIMARY SCHOOL WILSON PRIMARY SCHOOL ... Grandpa Chatterji, Getting Grandma's Glasses Until I met Dudley, The Brain, How to Recycle Glass, How do Hot Air Balloons Work? My ...

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