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1. Complete-notes1.pdf
PHYSICS IGCSE 2012 EXAM REVISION NOTES PHYSICS IGCSE 2012 EXAM REVISION NOTES By Samuel Lees and Adrian Guillot 1. General physics 1.1 length and time 1.2 Speed, velocity and acceleration

2. syllabus-2014.pdf

3. EdexcelIGCSEPhysicsAnswers2013.pdf
Physics Section A - Pearson Global Schools Physics Chapter 5 1 B has the largest turning moment, having the biggest force applied at the greatest perpendicular distance from the pivot. D has a greater moment ...

4. important-equation-in-physics2.pdf
Important Equations in Physics for IGCSE course

5. 0625_y14_sq_191114.pdf

6. igcse_physics_(11)_-_general_wave_properties__001.pdf
IGCSE PHYSICS (11) - GENERAL WAVE PROPERTIES GENERAL WAVE PROPERTIES The behaviour of waves affects us every second of our lives. Waves are reaching us constantly: sound waves, light waves, infrared heat ...

7. igcse-physics.pdf
Longman Science for IGCSE titles have been specifically written to prepare higher tier students for the London Examinations IGCSEs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

8. questions-answers1.pdf
IGCSE Physics (4420) Questions and Answers

IGCSE PHYSICS - ENERGY, WORK AND POWER (6) 6 ENERGY, WORK AND POWER Energy If you own a car, it will not move without fuel. At present this fuel could be petrol, or alcohol or diesel fuel.

10. 0625_Physics_Example_Candidate_Responses_Booklet_2012.pdf
Example Candidate Responses - XtremePapers

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