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1. media_rev01.pdf
Media Studies GCSE Revision Pack - Stuff for teachers

2. Mass-Media-Revision-Guide.pdf
GCSE Sociology The Mass Media revision - Enfield This approach makes it difficult to generalise about the effects of the media, as they are likely to vary depending on what people use the media for.

3. getfile.php?src=809/TV Crime Drama Revision Booklet 2012.pdf

4. 173744-unit-b322-exemplar-answers-from-june-201...taries.pdf
GCSE Media Studies - OCR R Media Studies GCSE. Media Studies. Unit B322 Exemplar Candidate Work. from June 2013. June 2014.

5. TV-Crime-Drama-Revision-Booklet-2014-Exam-Topic.pdf

6. GCSE-Media-Studies-2017-Exam-Technical-terms.pdf
GCSE Media Studies 2017 Exam - Technical terms GCSE Media Studies 2017 Exam Using this Glossary This glossary of terms is intended for use with the above resources for Unit 1 WJEC Summer 2017 GCSE Media

7. Revision-Booklet-TV-Comedies.pdf

8. Media_studies_GCSE_subject_content.pdf
GCSE Media Studies subject content - 3 . The content for GCSE media studies. Introduction . 1. GCSE subject content sets out the knowledge, understanding, and skills common to all GCSE specifications in ...

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