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1. 73368-specification.pdf
Specification - AS/A Level Music - OCR

2. 219397-specification-accredited-a-level-gce-music-h543.pdf
A Level Music Specification (H543) - OCR A LEVEL Specification MUSIC H543 For first assessment in 2018

3. New-AS-and-A-level-comparisons.pdf
AS and A-level Music (for first teaching in 2016) AS and A-level Music (for first teaching in 2016) ... AS level and 8 minutes at A level, except in the OCR and WJEC specification for A level where a candidates have ...

4. Music-A-level-info-13.pdf
OCR Music A Level - OCR Music A Level Course Details Year 12 (AS) Assessment: 90 min exam, 10 minute recital, composition folio What you will study: Aural analysis and ...

5. Introduction_to_A_Level_Music 2017.pdf
A Level Music OCR - Birchwood High School A Level Music OCR At Birchwood we offer A Level Music A solid understanding of music theory is important before starting the course, Music theory you should be ...

6. Music-KS5-Curriculum.pdf
MUSIC (OCR) - Poole Grammar School Page 39 of 45 MUSIC (OCR) Subject specific entry requirements: Music B General Content Advanced Level Music is a dynamic, broad-based academic study recognised by ...

7. AQA-2270-W-SP-14.PDF
A-level Music Specification Specification GCE AS and A Level Speci?cation Music For exams from June 2014 onwards For certification from June 2014 onwards

8. AjaxRequestHandler.ashx?Function=GetSecuredDOC&...entary.pdf

9. GCSE-music-comparison-chart-2016.pdf
GCSE Music (for first teaching in September 2016) GCSE Music (for first teaching in September 2016) The following pages provide an overview of the new and accredited GCSE Music ... OCR My instrument Suggested ...

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