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1. 75115-specification.pdf
Specification Here - OCR

2. 207509-american-literature-delivery-guide.pdf
H472 ENGLISH LITERATURE - OCR 7 regarded, rightly or wrongly, as English Literature written in America. To demonstrate how assumptions about nomenclature become problematic one need only

3. 927333
OCR GCE A Level in English Literature - Specification

4. English-Looking-Forward.pdf
OCR Literature and Language

5. 927334
OCR AS Level in English Literature - Specification The OCR AS Level in English Literature qualification will build on the knowledge, understanding and skills established at GCSE, introducing learners to the discipline

6. English-Literature-A-Level.pdf
English Literature A Level - King Edward VI English Literature A Level Awarding Body: OCR English Literature This year we began teaching the new OCR English Literature A Level, a two year

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